Top 10 Games Today
Top 10 Games Today
Fantasy World
Fantasy World - Newest Online Games
You will enter into a fantasy world where everything you will see for the first time in your life. Go through all the tests and win the battle with th...
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One Piece Exotic Adventure 2
One Piece Exotic Adventure 2 - Newest Online Games
Help the hero to escape from the island and did not die in combat with the enemy. Collect five gems to complete the task.
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Dozer Rush
Dozer Rush - Newest Online Games
You have to be the driver of the bulldozer. Arrange items in a marked place and proceed to the next level. Good luck!
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Zuma Ball
Zuma Ball - Newest Online Games
Clear the board from the balls before they roll to the finish. Have fun!
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Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie - Newest Online Games
If you like sweet dishes, then this game is for you. Prepare for you and your family's lemon meringue pie. It is suitable for any holiday or family di...
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Easter Truck
Easter Truck - Newest Online Games
In this game you have to help Easter bunny to bring treats for the children. You must bring a certain number of cargo to proceed to a new level. Playi...
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Wolf Catch Sheep
Wolf Catch Sheep - Newest Online Games
In this game you will help the wolf to ensure meat for his family. The more pups in the family, the more you need food. Use the purchase of items whic...
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Beautiful Valentine day
Beautiful Valentine day - Newest Online Games
Valentine's Day brings a wonderful energy that infuses to all people sense of love. Your boyfriend decided to make holiday and invited you to a romant...
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Color Shift
Color Shift - Newest Online Games
In this game you should use all your skills to remove the balls of the same color with the central one or swap the colors with the central ball. Caref...
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Gibbets 2: Level Pack
Gibbets 2: Level Pack - Newest Online Games
In this game, with the dark humor you have to save the gallows. You will need to do it with a bow and arrows. Click the left mouse button on the bow a...
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The Tickler - Ready for a Robotic Destruction?

The Tickler - Ready for a Robotic Destruction?

 The Tickler is a roleplaying robot game where you control a mad robot, with whom you kill your enemies.

 You have to blast and shock your way through 23 levels of foes, whose purpose it to take you apart for the scrap metal. After you finish each level, you are rewarded with money. And here are the roleplaying elements - you can update your robot making it a real killing machine. Every skill has 10 upgrades. You can update your torso's armor, speed,
The Tickler
and you can also put on sawdisk or laser. The robot's left and right claw may also be upgraded. The player can increase their reach or strength or even put them lighting. You have 100 HP points.

 Your enemies are becoming more powerful and different with each level. First, you will have to handle only with normal people, but in the higher levels the battle for survival will be vicious. For example, there are gunners with more (200) HP and speed. There are also robots like you, who are faster and strike you with a laser. After that, you will have to face steel-plated gunners with more than 2000 hp. And that's only until the ninth level. The real battle starts after that!

 You foes can drop different items. You can get money, HP, or special bonuses in the game. For example - lighting shield around you, your enemies become much slower, and so on.
 The Tickler is a pretty enjoyable and addicting game, you have to try it!
Tags: robot game, robots, the tickler, new online games
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